The SeeingNano Project

The SeeingNano Project is creating Novel Visualisation Tools for Enhanced Nanotechnology Awareness to provide the public with an ability to ‘seeing at the nanoscale’, and an understanding and awareness for the breadth of nanotechnologies, and the uncertainties and potential risks connected to them.

Once fully developed, the SeeingNano Visualisation Tools will be made available to the wider community on an online platform where the tools and guidance documents will be available for download.

SeeingNano is following a coordinated collaborative approach conducted by leading experts in the relevant fields: target audiences are scrutinised by the consortium’s socio-economic sciences and humanities experts, who – in collaboration with the state-of-the-art information and visualisation partners – elaborate and agree on the most appropriate toolset. The scientific and technical content is provided by experts from the nanotechnology research community in collaboration with experts from risk-communication and nanotoxicology.