SeeingNano will be present at the 9th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation ICERI 2016 conference in Seville, Spain.

The project and its toolbox will be presented to over 700 experts in science education from over 80 countries.

With this short 8-minute long video, SeeingNano invites you to discover the world of nano!

The video dives in the three main aspects of nanoscience that the SeeingNano project has explored in different educative tools: surfaces, self-organisation and emergent-divergent.

It’s been a busy year for the SeeingNano project as we’ve been conducting pilot tests across Europe to see how our tools can help educate the public on nanotechnology. We partnered with ECSITE, The European Network of Science Centres and Museums, and worked with museums and other educational institutes to connect directly to local communities.

ECSITE and SeeingNano operated pilot sites in Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Czech Republic. Visitors were able to work with our mobile application and games and get hands-on experience. This was the first
time SeeingNano tools were put in the hands of the public to see if they could successfully breakdown the complex concepts of nanotechnology and build understanding among a wide range of audiences — from primary school students to middle aged adults to senior citizens.

After working with the tools, participants provided detailed feedback on each tools. With responses coming form such a diverse cross-section of Europeans, we are able to better understand how the concepts of nanotechnology translate across languages, cultures and generations. We are using this to further tweak our application, videos and games so that we can continually make concepts clearer and easier for the public.

Once the final tools are launched this November, museums and educational institutes in Europe and around the world will have the opportunity to use them in their activities as well.

Follow this link to download the second SeeingNano newsletter.

Over Spring 2016, the SeeingNano tools were tested in science centres and museums across Europe.

Watch how different types of audiences reacted to using our tools in the following videos:

SeeingNano tools are tested in the Techmania science centre, Plzeň, Czech Republic:

MUST, in Milano, Italy:

and at DOMUS, A Coruña, Spain: