The SeeingNano Tools

Below, you can download the various SeeingNano tools, these have been devised to be used as a toolset for an exhibition or an activity around nano- science and technology.

Available for FREE and in several languages, SeeingNano has developed two mobile phone applications: the SeeingNano app and the NanoScopic Memory app, and group activities: the Memory, the Profiler and the Origami.

SeeingNano App

The SeeingNano app uses augmented reality.

To use it, simply download and print the SeeingNano Markers. Point your camera at the image and move your device forward; you can now dive to see the at the nanoscale on the surface of a car engine piston, in an LCD screen and observe self-organising peptides reparing a tooth.

You can download the SeeingNano App on mobile stores by following these links :

The SeeingNano Markers for the application can be downloaded here:

SeeingNano Memory

Two different Memory Games that help the players link applications of nanotechnology and their nanoscale aspects.

The first level, for younger audiences, requires the player to match cards representing both nanostructures and their larger counterparts.

At the second stage, the player makes the link between objects and how they look when observed at the nanoscale.

Download the NanoMemo information support sheet and games for free:

Also available on Mobile:

SeeingNano Profiler

The SeeingNano Profiler is an activity where the user fills in a test to get an insight in what are people’s interest in (nano)science and technologies.

Download and print the Profiler following this link:


This short, 8-minute long, movie that dives in the world of nano and explains the concepts used in the other tools.

Watch the Explanimation on Youtube

SeeingNano Origami

To visualise and understand the interactions at the nanoscale, the SeeingNano Origami invites users to a paper-folding activity where they can physically experience the phenomena we observe at the nanoscale.

The SeeingNano Origami proposes four workshops to cover different areas of nanoscience, these address: surfaces, pull up nets, Miura foldings and carbon nanostructures (fullerenes).

Download the explanatory document with patrons here.

SeeingNano Timeline

The Timeline gives a history of important eras in the development and awareness of nanotechnology.
The times explored range from B.C to 2015.

SeeingNano Supporting Science